VSAT satellite broadband TeleServe delivers real time, always on, unlimited usage connectivity with worldwide coverage.
The service is based on iDirect’s Evolution and Comtech Vipersat platforms and has been operating since 2008.
As an independent services provider, TeleServe uses the best satellite beams for every coverage zone – this independence serves our customers well as it allows us to choose high quality and cost effective transponders for our managed bandwidth.

Different Bands

TeleServe provides a full range of C Band and Ku Band services, and is ready to provide Ka Band solutions when they become available.

Different Platforms

TeleServe provides both shared service and dynamic SCPC service. Our shared service is based on the iDirect VSAT technology, the reference in the industry. Our dynamic SCPC is based on Comtech Vipersat platform, a recognized global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization.
The Shared service starts with a lower cost than dynamic SCPC and then the cost increases at a faster rate as capacity requirements increase.
Dynamic SCPC services start at a higher cost, but then the cost increases at a slower rate as the capacity requirements increase.

Value Added Services

Postpaid Voice Services

TeleServe offers a postpaid voice service that is designed to work over VSAT. Enjoy the simplicity of using our standard telephone service :

Prepaid Voice Services

TeleServe offers prepaid voice services for crew to make calls to anywhere in the world using prepaid soft-pins. Using a designated telephone onboard the vessel, crew can enjoy making calls to their family and friends in a simple and familiar way, without any restriction. Ship managers purchase credit in advance and fairly distribute these as soft-pins to individual crew members. When a crew member uses up their call credit, they can top up their soft-pins from the captain and continue making calls.

Monitoring and Reporting Tools

TeleServe also provides customers with Monitoring and Reporting Tools (SMART™) to allow customers to monitor their vessels’ VSAT performance and generate their own reports. A variety of reports are available any time the customer wishes to inspect when the broadband is being used and what traffic types are consuming both the upload and download bandwidth. SMART™ also remotely tracks their vessels on a near-live map. By providing real time & historic information on vessel speed, heading and coordinates, the customer is able to improve the route management and scheduling of their fleet. This kind of telemetry is available to dealers and vessel owners alike via any standard browser. SMART™ is available to all vessels that are on the TeleServe Maritime Network and does not require any additional hardware installation. All the data is kept in the SMART database for minimum 3 years.

Remote Access Management

“Remote Access Management” (RAM) is our Maritime VSAT Backup and Remote Access Solution designed to remotely monitor and access the remote terminal as well as providing back up via other satellite services such as Iridium Pilot and L-band if necessary. RAM is simple to implement and is a cost effective backup solution for VSAT networks that eliminates the issue of total communication breakdown between remote offices and corporate headquarters, for example due to bad weather. TeleServe’s RAM solution has been proven to switch over effectively to other satellite networks and back to VSAT. The switch over is fully automatic.

TeleServe’s infrastructure on board a vessel, could for example, require multiple communication devices to be functioning in unison: VSAT satellite router, tracking antenna system, Iridium Pilot, L-band, switch, WiFi application, cellular application, firewall, GPS, VoIP gateway and more. In the event that any of these devices crash or become corrupted, the field servicing can be very costly. With the RAM this largely becomes an unnecessary as our operations engineers are able to remotely access the communications devices on-board and in most cases solve the problem even if VSAT is down.

TeleServe will provide a Cisco Integrated Services Router and a Server. The Cisco Router is capable of link switching, tunneling (VPN), firewalling, and voice services. Link switching between VSAT, Iridium Pilot, L-band, and optionally a WiFi / 3G connection is automatic. In addition to this, vessel management is able to select one of the available links, and to limit access for certain network classes, e.g. crew Internet access. This manual selection can be done via a web interface, running on the provided management server.

Video Surveillance

TeleServe offers IP Video Surveillance in a complete solution ranging from providing IP Camera, Video Server/Decoder, NVR Server/PC, Network Video Recorder (NVR) application to system integration and installation. The service operates at an uncharacteristically low bandwidth for a video application by configuring a set of image quality parameters such as frame rate and picture resolution. Customers decide the quantity of IP cameras required, frame rate, picture resolution and then determine the appropriate Maritime airtime plan.

Hybrid Solution

TeleServe offers L-band service as backup as well as out-of-band management. The L-band service can be either Inmarsat Fleet Broadband or Iridium Pilot service. The L-band service can provide mission critical data communication to the customer whenever there is service interruption on the VSAT services. The L-band service can also act as “backdoor” for our NOC engineers to remotely perform the troubleshooting in event of service interruption.

Browsing & Crew Services

TeleServe offers Prepaid Internet solutions to customers in order to manage and control the crew’s usage of the internet service. Our solution enables the customer to regulate their crew usage of the Internet by imposing time limits or data volume limits for each crew member. The key benefit is to give fair access for each crew member onboard a vessel to use the broadband link. It is also possible to allow access only at certain times of the day. In fact, our solution gives the customer flexibility to implement a variety of restrictions to suit their company’s Internet policy or crew welfare guideline.

Bandwidth Optimization

TeleServe’s Bandwidth Optimization is a state-of-the-art optimization device that utilizes bandwidth efficiently and effectively allowing smoother passage of IP traffic through the maritime VSAT link. The 2-way optimization is applicable on both upload and download traffic and incorporates a blend of acceleration, compression and caching technology to provide a faster browsing experience, wherever the vessel is sailing.

Managed Security

TeleServe offers a full suite of Managed Security Services by installing a firewall onboard the vessel as a multi-threat protection system. Using an enterprise-grade security platform, TeleServe effectively blocks today’s attacks including intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, phishing, spyware, spam and many other types of malware using content inspection technology. Threat detection and software updates are provided regularly to ensure the latest security threats are detected and automatic security updates are available.

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